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  • What is Bamboo (BOO)?

  • Bamboo (BOO) is the official currency for the panda-bot platform


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    Bamboo will be used for listing new coins on panda-bot as well as the various services which we will roll out, including numerous games!

  • Where can I buy Bamboo?

  • How can I earn Bamboo?

    Our project provides many opportunities to earn Bamboo with various bounties and events, the easiest of which is simply be active in our #general channel in Official Discord Server to receive airdrop

    We also offer a referral program where you will receive a portion of the listing fees as you introduce new projects to take up panda-bot, for more details please check #referral-instructions channel in our Official Discord Server. The more projects you refer to us, the higher your commission.

    Alternatively you could also stake Bamboo as it is a PoS/MN currency, simply by holding coins either in your desktop wallet or panda-bot stake pool you will be able to receive stake rewards.