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panda-bot Terms & Conditions

Usage of panda-bot (Fatpanda Club) is subject to the terms and conditions set out below.

User Agreement

By using panda-bot the user agrees to this Terms & Conditions document in its entirety, as well as acceptance of the panda-bot limitations and fee structure outlined in our FAQ page


panda-bot is a public Discord bot built on top of the Fatpanda platform, whilst to our best efforts we attempt to guide the way our users utilise the service, we can not be held accountable for any activities performed by our users via the platform.


Fatpanda Club accepts crypto-currencies in exchange for listing projects on the platform, once the terms have been agreed upon and transactions made via the blockchain they can not be reverted. We exchange our time and resource to provide you with a service which is compensated by crypto-currencies.


Your privacy is important to us. To protect your privacy we do not collect any information on you and your history will be made available only to yourself, identified by your Discord account access.
Users should never submit to panda-bot any personal details or financial information, Fatpanda Club can not be held accountable for any damage or losses suffered due to the usage of our services.

Legal Disclaimer

The functions of panda-bot which are utilised users and do not necessarily reflect the views of Fatpanda Club or any of our sponsors.
We cannot be held responsible for any republished content or message from our platform without our permission.
Fatpanda Club at all times and at its absolute discretion, reserves the right to remove users from the platform for illicit or inappropriate actions, in such cases all balances within the platform are considered forfeit.

Fatpanda Club will try its utmost to provide you with a safe and reliable service, however like all things in crypto unforeseen circumstances caused by external influence (including but not limited to market movement, project team decisions, activity of hackers or VPS hardware failure) may result in the loss of resources. By using our services you agree that Fatpanda Club can not be held responsible under these circumstances.

This Terms and Conditions policy is subject to change without notice and was last updated on 29th August, 2018.
For more information, please contact us via Discord