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panda-bot listing agreement

By listing on panda-bot the project team acknowledges the Terms & Conditions has been reviewed and agreed to

Fatpanda Club Responsibility

  • Maintain panda-bot to ensure reliable operation of all features
  • Maintain listing and provide technical support in a timely manner, for as long as project is active in Discord
  • Wallet/daemon updates will be performed free of charge, however in case of complex time-consuming tasks such as swap/hardfork a bounty will be requested

Project Team Responsibility

  • Project team representative must join the Fatpanda Club Discord to contact the support team
  • Ensure Fatpanda Club is informed with any mandatory wallet/daemon upgrades
  • Ensure Fatpanda Club is informed with any bugs or issues with panda-bot
  • Inform Fatpanda Club with any desired new features, simple additions will be provided free of charge however for features requiring substantial work a bounty will be requested
  • Keep project info updated with $setinfo command
  • Ensure the proper maintenance of a functional Blockchain Explorer (ideally Iquidus), panda-bot requires API access to perform integrity checks on the platform daemons
  • Ensure the integrity and quality of the coin daemon code to be free of malware and does not require an inappropriate amount of resources to host, including CPU and Memory. Fatpanda Club reserves the right to de-list without refund any projects deemed malicious.

Official Fatpanda Club Discord contact is @sai#2032 (202541793521303563)