the ultimate enabler for engaging your Crypto community!

What is panda-bot?

panda-bot is a fully managed service that provides the most comprehensive set of capabilities to revolutionize crypto communities of any scale

What can I do with panda-bot?

manage coins from a Discord wallet, send/receive with staking and tipping

engage users with airdrops and games with your coin

info page with important project details, real time price display in Discord

message scheduling, Twitter, world crypto news and Bitcointalk ANN stream

How to get panda-bot?

Use this link to add panda-bot to your server

Feel free to drop by our official Discord and check out how we use it

To add your project/coin to panda-bot please follow this link for info on the listing process, look under the 'add new coin' option

Please make sure to also review our listing agreement

Demo Videos

  • Interactive engagement

  • Discord wallet

  • Crypto utility

  • Basic operations

Official Partners

panda-bot is the official community bot for the below projects, click on the icon to visit their Discord server!

  • IMP

  • NTRN

  • PGN

  • KYD

  • ZEL

  • PRIV

  • D

  • MON

  • PAWS

  • SPD

  • C2P

  • MARC

  • BWS


  • PRJ

  • SEKO

  • DXC

  • MCPC

  • MUE

  • PHON

  • CNMC

  • PENG

  • CSTL

  • ACRE

  • MMO

  • ESBC

  • ZBA

  • XIND

  • SAFE

  • VNX


  • FDR

  • TRBO

  • HANA



  • NYEX

  • BOXY

  • SHND

  • TIT


  • DMB

  • WORX

  • AED

  • XGS

  • XGOX

  • DC

  • TSC


Currently serving:

Official identification

Please make sure to check panda-bot name and ID before making any transactions

  • panda-bot#7538

  • panda-bot#0599

  • panda-bot#0913