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panda-bot listing with Bamboo

panda-bot listing will be paid in our own currency Bamboo, it has two separate elements: the initial setup fee to integrate to the platform and a periodic subscription fee which keeps panda-bot updated and maintained

The fees are tied loosely to a fiat value and will be reduced overtime, the reduction once confirmed will be applied to the periodic subscriptions automatically

Options and Prices

panda-bot operates with a subscription model, the set-up fee is paid for the initial set up of the new project in the Fatpanda Platform and a subscription fee is deducated from the account for as long as the listing is active
The prices are loosely tied to a fixed fiat value (calculated daily), which means as the price of Bamboo rises the number of Bamboo required for listing will decrease, thus allowing the value of Bamboo to grow without inflating listing cost with it

Buying Bamboo

The initial price of Bamboo is 0.000025 BTC each, as we are waiting on exchanges only OTC trades will take place as part of the listing process

Project team must abide by the panda-bot listing agreement for listing with panda-bot

Listing Request

Listing can be easily requested via our automated bot in the listing-and-referrals channel in Fatpanda Club Discord, to start simply type in channel the phrase "listing"
Please ensure you provide accurate information and use any referral code that has been provided to you

Referral Code

panda-bot provides the opportunity to profit-share with the community by employing a referral system.
Anyone can create a referral code in the listing-and-referrals channel in Fatpanda Club Discord, to start simply type in channel the phrase "referral"
There are three types of referral codes:
  • promote - discount only
  • partner - commission and discount (50-50 split)
  • vendor - commission only
As soon as you create a referral code, you will receive a 10% bonus - this will be either a commission to you upon projects listing (paid by Fatpanda Platform) or provide the project with a discount when they list. The more projects you refer, the higher this percentage will grow:

# of ReferralsBonus Percentage
1 - 412.5%
5 - 915%
11 - 1920%

Commission will be paid on the set-up fee when a project successfully pays for listing after discount. ie. if project X pays 2000 Bamboo for listing with a 10% discount and 10% commission referral code, the amount they will pay is 1800 Bamboo and the referral commission will be 180 Bamboo (paid by the Fatpanda platform)
It will be up to you to decide which referral code type best suits you, in general the partner type is a good starting point as it gives you a reasonable fee and also provides the project an incentive to use your referral code