the ultimate enabler for engaging your Crypto community!

Why panda-bot?

The best of its kind

Built on top of an automated platform, panda-bot is a fully managed service which takes the worry of hosting and maintenance away from the user

panda-bot provides the most comprehensive set of features needed to service active communities of any scale, with new ideas being worked on daily

So, how can I add the bot to my Discord server?

To get started simply invite it (you must have Administrator permissions)

If you would like to try it first, feel free to drop by the Official Discord Server and check out the commands, any questions please ask as there is usually someone available to help

How to list my project/coin on panda-bot?

panda-bot listing process is completely automated via our Discord bot

Project team must abide by the panda-bot listing agreement

Please use our Wizard Page and select the option most suitable for you

Any questions or issues with the process please contact a team member in our Official Discord Server

Official Partners

panda-bot is the official community bot for the below projects, click on the icon to visit their Discord server!

  • IMP

  • SPD


  • CCC

  • SUQA

  • QUB

  • PRJ

  • C2P

  • SEKO

  • PAWS

  • BWS

  • DXC

  • MCPC

  • MUE

  • PHON

  • CNMC

  • MARC

  • PENG

  • CSTL

  • ACRE

  • MMO

  • ESBC

  • ZBA

  • DFS

  • XIND

  • SAFE

  • VNX

  • DACH

  • FDR

  • TRBO

  • HANA

  • RSP



  • NYEX

  • BOXY

  • BIT

  • SHND

  • TTC

  • HLX


  • ZIO

  • DMB

  • WORX

  • AED

  • XGS

  • XGOX

  • DC

  • TSC

  • TRAW

  • CBT


Currently serving:

Official identification

Please make sure to check panda-bot name and ID before making any transactions

  • panda-bot#7538

  • panda-bot#0599

  • panda-bot#0913